5 of the best Valentines day flowers

If you’re looking for the perfect way to wow your special someone this Valentine’s Day, then you can’t go past the beauty and romance of fresh and fragrant flowers.

However, choosing the right bouquet or arrangement can be tricky. Do you stick with tradition and go for the iconic long-stemmed red rose? Or maybe your Valentine might prefer something a little different, like a bunch of show-stopping lilies? Then there’s the question of colour, size and presentation. While most people prefer to play it safe and opt for red roses, there are others who prefer to get creative and go for a colourful arrangement. Keep it small and simple or go all out? And, how much do a dozen roses cost on Valentine’s Day anyway?

There’s a huge selection of arrangements created especially for Valentine’s Day, so it’s certainly a tough choice. But the good news is, that with a little thought and some expert advice, you can find the perfect flowers to make the 14th of February memorable for all the right reasons. (Just don’t leave it to the last minute and end up frantically wondering where to get flowers on Valentine’s Day!)

So, to help you narrow it down and find the ideal gift, our florists have put together their top 5 Valentine’s Day flower ideas that are sure to put a smile on the face of the person you love.

1.  A Bouquet of Long-Stemmed Red Roses

best flower bouquet for Valentines day

Bouquet of long stemmed red roses

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, there’s no better way to express romantic love than with a stunning bouquet of long-stemmed red roses. Known universally as the symbol of love, giving your partner, spouse or someone you admire fresh red roses on Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to tell them they’re the one.

Bouquets of red roses come in a large selection of sizes, and the best choice will depend on your budget, relationship, and the type of message you want to send. For instance, if you’re celebrating a milestone in your relationship this Valentine’s day, go that extra mile and throw in pretty things like a candle and teddy bear to your flower delivery.

While the overriding meaning when you give a bunch of red roses is always love, the number of stems in your bouquet also carries significance. For example, giving a bouquet of 10 red roses tells your partner their love is perfection. This is a lovely message to send to express your happiness in a new relationship, or for those in a long-term partnership or marriage that just keeps getting better.

And if you’re looking to seriously impress and delight this Valentine’s Day, an elaborate bouquet of 50 red roses tells your significant other your love has no bounds.

2. Roses in a Presentation Box

Best flowers for your loved one

Roses in a box – special Valentines gift

For a modern twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day gift of premium red roses, why not order them in an elegant presentation box? Red roses beautifully boxed add an extra dose of style and luxury to your gift which will not go unnoticed.

Again, you can choose your roses by number to add to the effect. A single stem represents love at first sight, or for established romances, it eloquently states “you are still the one”. A gift of six roses signals your infatuation, while the classic gift of a dozen red roses simply says, “be mine”.

While red is the popular Valentine’s Day choice, roses of any colour look stunning in a presentation box. Whether you opt for timeless white, cheerful yellow or pretty pink blooms, a box of roses delivered to your partner or loved one’s home or office is sure to bring a smile and make for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

3. Oriental, Stargazer Lilies

Luxury lily bouquet for Valentines day

Luxury lily bouquet

Bright, bold and beautiful lilies are a fabulous choice if your Valentine is a lover of lilies or if you want to give something a little different. Both oriental and stargazer lilies make a stunning gift, whether you choose a single or mixed colour bouquet. They also pair well with almost any flower you can think of, adding elegance and beauty to mixed arrangements.

Stylish and showstopping, tiger lilies are another popular choice as a Valentine’s Day flower. They’re not just beautiful, they also symbolise fierce passion, perfect if you want to set the scene for a memorable day (and night!) to come.

4. Colourful Roses

Colourful rose bouquet for Valentines day

Bouquet of colourful roses

If you love the beauty of roses but want your Valentine’s Day gift to stand out from the crowd, mixed colourful roses are the ideal choice. Amaze and delight your partner or someone you admire with this unique and vibrant floral creation that features all the colours of the rainbow.

The combination of colorful roses forms a brilliant, attractive flower basket. So, whether you opt for a bouquet of these gorgeous blooms, or have them delivered in a classy presentation basket, mixed colorful  roses make an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift.

5. A Premium Luxury Arrangement

Best arrangement for Valentines day

Premium arrangement for Valentines day

If you’re celebrating a special milestone this Valentine’s Day, or just really want to go all out for your significant other, a luxury floral arrangement ticks all the boxes. Beautiful, elegant and elaborate, a premium arrangement is the ideal way to declare “I love you”, loudly and clearly for all to see.

From the style and simplicity of roses, to the eye-catching beauty of a colourful mixed bouquet, luxury arrangements are bound to turn heads wherever they’re displayed.

The beauty of a luxury arrangement is that when you order one, not only does your loved one receive a beautiful bunch of carefully selected and arranged premium flowers, they’ll also come ready to display in an attractive box or vase. This means there’s no need to hunt around for something to put their flowers in – they can simply pop them on their desk or table and admire them straight away.

So Which Valentine’s Day Flowers Will You Choose?

When it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers, there are so many options, it can easily become overwhelming. However, when you have a good understanding of what’s available, the message you want to send and know what your partner likes, you’re well on your way to finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. And if you still can’t settle on the perfect choice, your florist is a great source of ideas, inspiration and expert advice.

So, whether you stick with tradition and opt for the romance of the long-stemmed red rose, or choose something different like lilies or rainbow roses, the right flowers will make your Valentine’s Day extra special.

Ready to order your Valentine’s Day flowers but can’t seem to settle on the right bunch? Contact our customer care team for expert advice that will help you find the perfect gift.

Online flower delivery in Hanoi

No matter what the occasion, Hanoi Flower Shop, your local Hanoi florist, is your one-stop shop for all your floral needs. Browse our wide online selection or call us for a custom bouquet to fit your needs and budget. We deliver flowers and gift baskets to Hanoi Capital and nationwide through our network of dependable florists. In a rush? Same day flower delivery is available at no additional cost. The professional staff at Hanoi Flower Shop is dedicated to handling your order with care.

Beautiful flowers delivered Hanoi

Send flowers to your girlfriend

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Expertly Arranged Flowers in Hanoi

Pink rose bouquet delivered Hanoi

Pink rose bouquet in Hanoi Flower Shop

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sameday gift & flower delivery Hanoi

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Buying flowers for women

Buying flowers is definitely a good thing. And buying flowers for women, the special lady in your life is a great thing. But an easy thing? Not really. There are so many flowers to choose from, and so many colors and arrangements, it’s hard to know where to begin. It can be even more confusing if you’re buying more than one bouquet – an arrangement for your wife and one for your daughter, your mother or your sister.

A man could ask for her favorite flower, but that would give the surprise away. Or he could just pick out a bouquet himself. Either way, most women will appreciate the gesture. But, for that extra wow factor we offer the following guide to choosing just the right and appropriate floral bouquet for your wife or girlfriend, relatives, friends and colleagues.

Consider your relationship status, her personality and her style, – does she enjoy time-honored traditions or is she more of a fun-loving adventurer who relishes surprises? Is she a romantic that loves traditional roses? Is she Green and loves the earth and nature? Then maybe a plant is a good choice. Is she exotic? Then she may love orchids and other tropical arrangements.

  1. Buying flowers for wife

Nothing says passion like red roses, also known as the lover’s rose. They’re sexy and alluring, yet classic and elegant. Red roses make a stunning bouquet and reveal an intense, romantic love.

Bouquet of red roses for love

Red roses indicate passion and romantic love

If, however, you’ve given her red roses the last few years and you’d like a variation on that theme, there are several ways to go.

You could stay with roses, but try a new color, such as orange. Or you could stick with the color red and choose another flower. Red tulips are a beautiful and sophisticated choice. The tulip’s velvety black center is said to resemble a lover’s heart, darkened by the heat of passion.

Another option, of course, is to mix roses or tulips with other flowers, which add new layers of meaning to your bouquet. For example, asters are a love flower, though far less famous than the rose.

Pink alstroemeria conveys devotion and pink stargazer lilies represent prosperity. Also, peonies have a high romance quotient and are considered a sign of good luck and a happy marriage.

  1. Buying flowers for girlfriend

If you’re not a couple, but you really like her. Purple roses and purple lilacs symbolize love at first sight.

Bouquet of purple roses

Purple roses symbolize love at first sight.

So, assuming you don’t want to say that quite yet, your best bet is a mixed bouquet. A few red roses will subtly indicate you’’re interested without overdoing it. Orange roses also signify desire, and a mix of orange, peach and white roses would be exquisite.

Or you could take a pass on convention and pick something more unusual, like Bird of Paradise, which represents joy and (surprise, surprise) paradise. This angular and striking flower would be a great gift to give her for Valentine’s or just before the two of you take a beach vacation.

Bird of Paradise is a cool bloom to have in your home, too, so consider buying two.

Similarly, an orchid makes a lovely gift, unexpected and exotic. She’ll have no doubt that you think she’s special.

3.     Flowers to buy a female friend or colleague

Just as red means romance, yellow reflects the warmth and fun of enjoying another person’s company, laughing at the same jokes, sharing similar interests. Yellow roses or tulips make gorgeous bouquets and send a message of joy and cheerfulness. Sunflowers, too, are a surefire way to make someone’s day.

Sunflowers bouquet

Sunflowers are the symbol of loyalty and trust

Daisies and freesia are strong symbols of innocence and friendship as well, and will make a unique gift your friend is sure to remember. Many women love the fresh charm of a daisy, and freesia is an especially fragrant flower. Be specific when signing the card: “Thanks for your help on the project” or “You’re a terrific friend.”

These guidelines also work for a first date. Once you’ve asked her out and planned where to go, a simple bouquet is a nice gesture. Here, the card could read: “I’m really glad I met you” or “I can’t wait to see you tonight.”

4.     Flowers to buy for mom

Looking for blooms to brighten Mom’s Valentine’s Day or just to let her know you’re thinking of her? The perfect choice is pink carnations. That’s because they are a symbol of maternal love.

Bouquet of pink carnations

Pink carnations for a mother’s love

Additionally, pink roses express gratitude, appreciation and admiration. Pink blooms anytime of the year will show how much you care. White makes a pretty accent with these arrangements.

While you’re at it, grandmothers, sisters, aunts and daughters are bound to appreciate the beauty, delicacy and grace in a bouquet of fresh flowers. Once you get the hang of it, buying flowers isn’t hard at all!

Please consult your local florist to help guide you with your choice of flowers for women, they can also make suggestions that can be the right fit for your gift.

5 most popular flowers to give on Valentines Day 14-2

For centuries giving flowers has been a way to communicate emotions. Red roses were believed to be the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love and beauty, thus they became symbolic of love and passion. They became popular Valentines day flowers in the 17th century and continue to be the most popular Valentines Day flowers today, but there are other flowers that make great Valentine’s Day gifts as well.

  1. Valentines’ roses
  2. bouquet of red roses

    Red roses are the most popular flowers to give on Valentine’s Day 14-2

Unsurprisingly, roses are at the top of the list for lovers.  Roses excite the senses with their intoxicating scent, soft, velvety petals, and beauty-I don’t think there is any gift more sensual than a rose CNN reported that an overwhelming 51 percent of people buy red roses for Valentine’s Day.  In the language of love, red roses symbolize passionate love, pink symbolize admiration and appreciation, and lavender symbolize enchantment and love at first sight; And of course. red isn’t the only option, either, if you think a different hue would suit your sweetheart. There are actually more than 150 varieties of roses, meaning there’s bound to be an option that would fit your valentine perfectly.

  1. Valentine’s Carnations
Pink carnation bouquet for Valentine

Beautiful carnations for Valentine’s Day

Carnations mean “fascination,” although some sources say they represent pride and beauty as well-either way, they are an excellent choice for new lovers. They make a long lasting, hardy Valentines flower and come in a rainbow of colors naturally, but they can be dyed any color you like. They are very popular in Europe and Asean as Valentines Day flowers. Although carnations have a reputation of being a humble flower, they have a rich history and were in fact used in Greek ceremonial crowns during ancient times-it is believed that the name carnation comes from the word “coronation” from this practice.

  1. Valentine’s lilies

    White lilies in vases

    Nothing makes a statement of love and devotion quite like a bouquet of lilies

Whether pink, white, orange or red, lilies are an ideal blossom for an elegant recipient. While you can’t go wrong with any variety, Michael Gaffney, director of the New York School of Flower Design, told Woman’s Day magazine that Casa Blanca lilies are an especially dramatic choice that are sure to please a person with sophisticated tastes. Plus, these Oriental white lilies have a breathtaking fragrance.

  1. Valentine’s Alstroemeria

    Beautiful alstroemerias in vase

    Surprise your sweetheart with alstroemerias for Valentine’s Day

Alstroemeria, also known as the Peruvian Lilys, the alstroemeria is also a popular flower on this holiday. These buds are also a fitting selection for a bouquet as they complement other blossoms nicely, particularly pink and red roses and lavender wax flower. Not only do alstroemeria feature delicate, eye-catching petals, but they are also one of the longest-lasting cut flowers. Additionally, they can represent devotion, so they’re a perfect way to express your undying love to that special someone. Additionally, alstroemeria have multiple blooms per stem, so they can really help to fill out a bouquet to make it look more extravagant and voluminous.

  1. Valentine’s tulips

    Bouquet of tulip

    Express the colorful architecture of your desire this February with a stunning Valentine’s Day tulip arrangemen

Perhaps you would like to break with tradition this year and send Valentines flowers other than roses. Tulips mean “perfect lover” in the language flowers – I think they are equally as romantic (almost) as roses. They are also available in the popular Valentine’s Day colors of passionate red and soft pink, as well as other colors. The heart shaped, black stigma in the center of the tulip is said to symbolize a lover’s heart darkened by passion. Tulips also continue to grow in water for a while even after they are cut, or they can be given as bulbs that can be planted in the garden after blooming in the right climate.

For more information on Valentines Day flowers and flower meanings, please click here.

Valentines day flowers delivered from Hanoi Flower Shop

Valentine’s day is coming and at Hanoi Flower Shop, we have a wonderful selection of beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts to help you sweep your loved one off their feet.

Romantic flowers for Valentines day

Beautiful Valentines day flowers for your loved one

Flowers have a magical way of expressing what’s in your heart without uttering a single word. Whether you’d like to surprise your sweetheart for no reason at all or are celebrating an anniversary, a luxurious bouquet will leave them breathless and enchanted.

At Hanoi Flower Shop, we believe these moments should create lasting memories, which is why we select only the freshest blooms and artfully weave them into graceful hand-tied bouquets, certain to remain in their minds forever. Our same day delivery in Hanoi and across the rest of Vietnam allows you send a magnificent gift anytime the feeling strikes.

Traditional Valentine’s flowers delivery

Valentine’s Day is traditionally the most romantic day of the year and the perfect opportunity to show that special someone in your life just how much you love them. It’s also an ideal opportunity to confess you hidden feelings to someone too.

Bouquet of red roses foe Valentines day

True Love Valentine Rose Bouquet

Of course, red rose are the traditional Valentine’s day flowers gift. So why not send a single red roses to signify “love”, 24 red roses for “I’m yours”, 99 red roses for” I love you forever”, 999 red roses for “my love will last till the end of time”

Valentine’s day flowers delivered by Hanoi Flower Shop

Hanoi Flower Shop have many gift ideas for Valentines Day, including our gorgeous fresh flower bouquets that will be a personal gift your special someone will adore. We have everything your recipient will love this Valentines Day, such as wines, chocolates, balloons, teddy bear and many more gifts you can send alongside a stunning valentines bouquet.

With a range of romantic bouquets and arrangements in an array of styles to suit all tastes and budgets, we’re sure you will find something in our Valentines Flowers range your true love will absolutely adore.

Spoil your loved one with our exclusive Valentine’s Day range of flowers freshly available for delivery on Valentine’s day. In conjunction with our premium range of flowers, use convenient delivery service to ensure that your special someone gets pleasantly surprised by your thoughtful gilt on this romantic day.

Box of roses and chocolate

Roses and chocolate for Valentines day

On this most romantic day of the year, you can choose a simple bouquet with a loving message or you can be wildly extravagant and choose a large bouquet with champagne. Chocolates or teddy bear to accompany your romantic message. What ever you choose, our Valentine’s day flowers are the perfect way to make this a truly unforgettable occasion of pure romance.

Please contact us:

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Send Christmas flowers to Hanoi

Christmas flowers are the popular flowers used during the festive season of Christmas.  If your are looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for friends, family members and clients, explore our 2016 Floral Christmas collection. All of the Christmas arrangements pictured here are created in our store and hand delivered by us. From traditional red, green and white bouquets, to design with a contemporary twist, something to suit every taste.

white Christmas flower arrangement

Send Christmas flowers to Hanoi, Vietnam

Christmas flower decoration

Decorated with fresh pine, flowers, there is plenty of sparkle in each of our Christmas flowers to get the wow effect when they are delivered straight to the door. Our trusted courier service will deliver your flowers for Christmas anywhere in Vietnam, no matter if you live in Hanoi, Saigon, Da Nang or Hue… We won’t let the distance to stop you from spoiling the people who matter the most – your family and friends.

Christmas is one the time in the year when you wish you could gather all your friends and family in one room to enjoy a meal together. If you live faraway, you can send beautiful flowers to let your family know that even though you can’t be together, they are still in your thoughts. Sending Christmas flowers as a random act of kindness, bring a smile on their face in the most unexpected way.

Flower arrangement for Christmas

 Christmas flower box arrangement

Send Christmas flower to Hanoi, Vietnam

At Hanoi Flower Shop, we can arrange free delivery even on Saturday or Sunday. And remember that during the festive season, we cannot offer delivery during bank holidays, so plan a head to get your Christmas flowers delivered on time. Being an online florist, you can enjoy the ease and convenience of ordering Christmas flowers at Hanoiflowershop and have Christmas flowers delivered to any residential address in Hanoi, Vietnam, free shipping all orders.

Christmas tree rose decoration

Christmas tree flower arrangement

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Birthday flowers at Hanoi Flower Shop

Birthdays are important occasions and you only get one chance to impress, especially if it’s someone close to your heart. Birthday flowers are possibly the safest option as a gift, especially if you’re not sure about the recipient’s preferences or you don’t know him or her well enough. Only thing you need to know is their address and on what day they will be at home. It doesn’t matter if they live in Hanoi, Hue, Saigon… or oversea, arranging a flowers is easy and takes only a few clicks. Thanks to the availability of online florist, like Hanoi Flower Shop, you can now have gifts, flowers …delivered anywhere in the Hanoi, even on Saturday and Sunday. Send birthday flowers for delivery in Hanoi to her office or workplace or directly to the home – we can deliver same day, free delivery. Make sure to specify any details on the recipient address page in the checkout. Sunday flower delivery is also available (and our Sunday flower delivery service is now free)

Birthday flower bouquet Hanoi

Beautiful birthday flowers at Hanoi Flower Shop

Hanoi birthday flower tips

Unlike other occasions, like weddings or funerals, there is really no strict etiquette when it comes to having birthday flowers delivered. However, there are a few things you should probably keep in mind. Firstly, consider your relationship with the recipient. If it’s your friend’s birthday, and she is not your girlfriend, you should probably avoid a bouquet of red roses, as those are reserved for more romantic intentions. If you want to send birthday bouquet to a man, which is perfectly acceptable and increasingly popular, opt for bold, exotic and simple bouquets and stay away from soft, pastel tones. If you want to surprise your mom on her birthday, she would love soft pastel tones with delicate flowers. Consider the timing too – if you want to make sure your surprise arrives at their door first thing in the morning, pay a little extra for the dedicated flower delivery time. It makes a real difference for someone to start the big day with a bold bouquet brightening the morning.

At Hanoi Flower Shop you can choose from various timed options that will guarantee to reach the recipient in the dedicated time slot and also enjoy free next day delivery from Monday to Sunday. Having birthday flowers delivered in the office has also added benefits – if your intention is to make sure all her colleagues know what a thoughtful boyfriend or a friend they have. Again, consider the timing and make sure the flowers arrive there before the office closes its doors before 6pm. When buying a birthday bouquet in the Hanoi, you don’t really need to worry about splashing out – you can get beautiful and well-presented birthday bouquets for just under 60USD. Birthday message also makes a difference – make sure you include one that’s not just plain simple Happy Birthday, but a little more personal. And don’t forget to sign the card! If you don’t put your name in the card, the recipient may not find out who the flowers are from.

Meaning of birthday flowers in Hanoi

Different types of flowers represent the month that  you were born in, with a meaning to each flower, as follows:

–       January’s flower is a carnation or a snowdrop, which signify fascination;

–       February’s flower is an iris, a violet or a primrose, which signify faithfulness;

–       March’s flower is a daffodil or a jonquil, which signify desire and affection;

–       April’s flower is a daisy, which signify blissful pleasure;

–       May’s flower is a lily, a lily of the valley or a hawthorn, which signify sweetness, purity and humility;

–       June’s flower is a rose or a honeysuckle, which signify love and happiness;

–       July’s flower is larkspur or a water lily, which signify lightness and ardent attachment;

–       August’s flower is a gladiola, a poppy or a gladiolus, which signify imagination, sincerity and spendid beauty;

–       September’s flower is an aster or morning glory, which signify elegance and afection;

–       October’s flower is a calendula or cosmos, which signify joy, modesty, grief or jealousy;

–       November’s flower is a chrysanthemum, which signifies optimism and cheerfulness;

–       December’s flower is a narcissus or a holly, which signify formality, good will and conceit.

You can simply choose a birthday bouquet that you think represents the recipient’s personality and taste the best – flowers are always received with joy and gratitude

flower arrangement for birthday

Basket of red roses for birthday

Sending birthday flowers to Hanoi

Whether you are sending flowers for a relative’s birthday or to a partner or even when you fancy someone anonymously, do it online, have birthday flowers delivered straight to the door and save yourself a lot of time and worry. If you send bright, cheerful and happy colored birthday bouquet, it will certainly impress the recipient, but take your cues from the style and personality of the person you are sending birthday wishes to. If she prefers stylish white and muted interiors, send her white roses next day – and you can never go wrong. If you wondering what flowers for birthday to send to a woman and do not wish to have the intent and message misconstrued as being of a romantic ulterior motive, stick to yellow colours, and roses are OK too

At Hanoi Flower Shop you can get birthday flowers delivered anywhere in the Hanoi, no matter if you are in Hanoi, Hue, Danang, Hai Phong, Hochiminh city…, our service covers all small and big districts with our free same day delivery.

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Ordering birthday flowers for delivery to Hanoi

Birthdays are never complete until you’ve sent birthday flowers and wishes to the special day. Any birthday girl or boy will be delighted to find a flowers arrangement on their doorstep on their special day.

beautiful flower delivery to Hanoi

Ordering birthday flower delivery to Hanoi

Here are a few things to keeps in mind when ordering birthday flowers for delivery:

1.   Choose your birthday flowers

You have as many choices as there are blooms when it comes to sending birthday flowers. Romantic minded individual will love a huge bouquet of roses or even an arrangement of lush garden flowers, such as lilies or orchids, add a box of chocolates to give that fishing touch. For someone with a fun, spontaneous personality, choose a bright arrangement paired with stuffed animals. Finally for that classic timeless appeal choose a contemporary arrangement that is comprised of a few perfect orchids, lilies or carnations…

2.   Order birthday flowers

Nothing is more pleasing than a birthday surprise. Want to really surprise someone their birthday? Order your flower delivery the day before the big day. They won’t be expecting anything when the doorbell rings and they are handed a beautiful floral arrangement. They can enjoy the flowers all day on their special days, rather than waiting half the day for delivery.

Bouquet of sunflowers in Hanoi

Beautiful birthday flower delivery to Hanoi

3.   Getting the most from local florist

Our floral designers at Hanoi Flower Shop are well – versed in helping clients choose the right arrangements. Use their knowledge and talents to help design the absolutely perfect bouquet for that special birthday. An experienced florist can assist you in choosing flower types, colors arrangement size and containers.

4.   Don’t forget the message

Any florist can provide an enclosure card with a birthday theme, but remember that you can add a greeting card or other personalized message to your arrangement. Some florist have a stock of greeting cards in – house if you want to order over the phone, but you can also provide your own, hand – chosen card to be packaged with the bouquet for delivery on that special day.

send flowers to birthday

Beautiful flowers and message card on Birthday

Hanoi Flower Shop offer beautiful flowers arrangements for same day delivery, free shipping all orders. Celebrate today’s special occasion with a birthday flower delivery.

How to order flowers to Hanoi

When you are ordering flowers from an online florist, what detail are they going to need?


ordering flowers to Hanoi

How to order flowers to Hanoi, Vietnam

Flowers have become an important part of life experiences and social setting and so you probably know more about flowers than you think. However, if you want to fine time your knowledge of flowers, it is best to seek a professional florist. They are the real expert when it comes to suggesting styles and varieties that are best for you and the occasion.

1.       Find an online flower service

You can choose a picture of the flowers that you like on our website, if you have seen beautiful flowers in a magazine, tell us about it and we will arrange for you.

beautiful white rose bouquet

Bouquet of white roses delivery to Hanoi

2.       Get all recipient’s information before ordering flowers

Be sure to know the recipients full name, address and hand phone. It’s also helpful to have the company name, work number, work hours if you are delivering to their work address. And if you would like to compose a lovely romantic message we can easily arrange for this to be printed on a card to accompany your flower delivery

3.       Payment for your order

The ordering will also be much quicker if you have your payment information ready. You can make a payment online through Paypal. Making a payment online is quick, easy and saving your time because  you don’t have to go to our flower shop.

hanoi flower delivery

Red rose bouquet delivery to Hanoi

Hanoi Flower Shop is one of the best known flower delivery companies in Hanoi, Vietnam. Order flowers online and we offer same-day flower delivery and free shipping all orders to Vietnam.

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Valentine flowers free delivery in Hanoi

The history and meaning of Valentine’s Day

We do know that February has long been celebrated as a month of romance, and that St. Valentine’s Day, as we know it today, contains vestiges of both Christian and ancient Roman tradition.

On February 14th each year, many people exchange cards, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia.

Hanoi valentine flowers delivery

Hanoi valentine flowers delivery

Order online flowers for valentine in Hanoi

To make send flowers to Hanoi on Valentine’s Day, we would like to suggest best flowers in Hanoi Flower Shop. Sample the best Valentine’s Day roses, boxed flowers, bouquets and long roses from Roses Only – one of Florist Hanoi.

Come with us, ensure your friend, husband, wife, partner or just that someone special know you are thinking of them on this Valentine’s Day. Nothing says “You are my only one” like a single red rose, while a dozen long roses shouts “I will always love you. Be my Valentine today.

A box of red roses is the perfect gift of romance. Their elegance and beauty sure they delight everyone who is lucky enough to receive them. We are always used red roses from Dalat, Ecuador. Flowers be always fresh, beauty and bigger.

Hanoi Valentine's Day Flowers

Hanoi Valentine’s Day Flowers

You should send valentine flowers with a card message, for example as humorous, witty, heartfelt or romantic. Read through our more tips for creating the best Valentine’s cards help set the mood and send the perfect message of love to accompany your flowers or gifts.

People always choose roses, because only roses help you with the special Valentine’s Day, so you can treat your partner to a delicious meal that perfectly complements your flowers and gifts. Delight them with the perfect combination of flowers and romance.

You are looking for more romantic ideas to help create the perfect Valentine’s Day? Please send email to us as soon as (email: sales@hanoiflowershop.com, hotline: +8497 3535 559), we will give you some suggest which our things to do on Valentine’s Day help you create one special date.

Flowers can be sent anywhere in Hanoi

Don’t worry about everything, Hanoi Flower Shop delivery valentine flowers to everywhere in Hanoi: Ba Dinh District, Hoan Kiem District, Dong Da District, Thanh Xuan District, Cau Giay District, Hoang Mai District, Hai Ba Trung District, Tay Ho District and some district on the outskirts.

Order your Hanoi Valentine’s Day flowers now or before the 12th. Do not leave it too late, we cannot ensure deliver flowers in time.

Top the best flowers of Valentine’s Day

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