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Birthday flowers at Hanoi Flower Shop

Birthdays are important occasions and you only get one chance to impress, especially if it’s someone close to your heart. Birthday flowers are possibly the safest option as a gift, especially if you’re not sure about the recipient’s preferences or you don’t know him or her well enough. Only thing you need to know is their address and on what day they will be at home. It doesn’t matter if they live in Hanoi, Hue, Saigon… or oversea, arranging a flowers is easy and takes only a few clicks. Thanks to the availability of online florist, like Hanoi Flower Shop, you can now have gifts, flowers …delivered anywhere in the Hanoi, even on Saturday and Sunday. Send birthday flowers for delivery in Hanoi to her office or workplace or directly to the home – we can deliver same day, free delivery. Make sure to specify any details on the recipient address page in the checkout. Sunday flower delivery is also available (and our Sunday flower delivery service is now free)

Birthday flower bouquet Hanoi

Beautiful birthday flowers at Hanoi Flower Shop

Hanoi birthday flower tips

Unlike other occasions, like weddings or funerals, there is really no strict etiquette when it comes to having birthday flowers delivered. However, there are a few things you should probably keep in mind. Firstly, consider your relationship with the recipient. If it’s your friend’s birthday, and she is not your girlfriend, you should probably avoid a bouquet of red roses, as those are reserved for more romantic intentions. If you want to send birthday bouquet to a man, which is perfectly acceptable and increasingly popular, opt for bold, exotic and simple bouquets and stay away from soft, pastel tones. If you want to surprise your mom on her birthday, she would love soft pastel tones with delicate flowers. Consider the timing too – if you want to make sure your surprise arrives at their door first thing in the morning, pay a little extra for the dedicated flower delivery time. It makes a real difference for someone to start the big day with a bold bouquet brightening the morning.

At Hanoi Flower Shop you can choose from various timed options that will guarantee to reach the recipient in the dedicated time slot and also enjoy free next day delivery from Monday to Sunday. Having birthday flowers delivered in the office has also added benefits – if your intention is to make sure all her colleagues know what a thoughtful boyfriend or a friend they have. Again, consider the timing and make sure the flowers arrive there before the office closes its doors before 6pm. When buying a birthday bouquet in the Hanoi, you don’t really need to worry about splashing out – you can get beautiful and well-presented birthday bouquets for just under 60USD. Birthday message also makes a difference – make sure you include one that’s not just plain simple Happy Birthday, but a little more personal. And don’t forget to sign the card! If you don’t put your name in the card, the recipient may not find out who the flowers are from.

Meaning of birthday flowers in Hanoi

Different types of flowers represent the month that  you were born in, with a meaning to each flower, as follows:

–       January’s flower is a carnation or a snowdrop, which signify fascination;

–       February’s flower is an iris, a violet or a primrose, which signify faithfulness;

–       March’s flower is a daffodil or a jonquil, which signify desire and affection;

–       April’s flower is a daisy, which signify blissful pleasure;

–       May’s flower is a lily, a lily of the valley or a hawthorn, which signify sweetness, purity and humility;

–       June’s flower is a rose or a honeysuckle, which signify love and happiness;

–       July’s flower is larkspur or a water lily, which signify lightness and ardent attachment;

–       August’s flower is a gladiola, a poppy or a gladiolus, which signify imagination, sincerity and spendid beauty;

–       September’s flower is an aster or morning glory, which signify elegance and afection;

–       October’s flower is a calendula or cosmos, which signify joy, modesty, grief or jealousy;

–       November’s flower is a chrysanthemum, which signifies optimism and cheerfulness;

–       December’s flower is a narcissus or a holly, which signify formality, good will and conceit.

You can simply choose a birthday bouquet that you think represents the recipient’s personality and taste the best – flowers are always received with joy and gratitude

flower arrangement for birthday

Basket of red roses for birthday

Sending birthday flowers to Hanoi

Whether you are sending flowers for a relative’s birthday or to a partner or even when you fancy someone anonymously, do it online, have birthday flowers delivered straight to the door and save yourself a lot of time and worry. If you send bright, cheerful and happy colored birthday bouquet, it will certainly impress the recipient, but take your cues from the style and personality of the person you are sending birthday wishes to. If she prefers stylish white and muted interiors, send her white roses next day – and you can never go wrong. If you wondering what flowers for birthday to send to a woman and do not wish to have the intent and message misconstrued as being of a romantic ulterior motive, stick to yellow colours, and roses are OK too

At Hanoi Flower Shop you can get birthday flowers delivered anywhere in the Hanoi, no matter if you are in Hanoi, Hue, Danang, Hai Phong, Hochiminh city…, our service covers all small and big districts with our free same day delivery.

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Ordering birthday flowers for delivery to Hanoi

Birthdays are never complete until you’ve sent birthday flowers and wishes to the special day. Any birthday girl or boy will be delighted to find a flowers arrangement on their doorstep on their special day.

beautiful flower delivery to Hanoi

Ordering birthday flower delivery to Hanoi

Here are a few things to keeps in mind when ordering birthday flowers for delivery:

1.   Choose your birthday flowers

You have as many choices as there are blooms when it comes to sending birthday flowers. Romantic minded individual will love a huge bouquet of roses or even an arrangement of lush garden flowers, such as lilies or orchids, add a box of chocolates to give that fishing touch. For someone with a fun, spontaneous personality, choose a bright arrangement paired with stuffed animals. Finally for that classic timeless appeal choose a contemporary arrangement that is comprised of a few perfect orchids, lilies or carnations…

2.   Order birthday flowers

Nothing is more pleasing than a birthday surprise. Want to really surprise someone their birthday? Order your flower delivery the day before the big day. They won’t be expecting anything when the doorbell rings and they are handed a beautiful floral arrangement. They can enjoy the flowers all day on their special days, rather than waiting half the day for delivery.

Bouquet of sunflowers in Hanoi

Beautiful birthday flower delivery to Hanoi

3.   Getting the most from local florist

Our floral designers at Hanoi Flower Shop are well – versed in helping clients choose the right arrangements. Use their knowledge and talents to help design the absolutely perfect bouquet for that special birthday. An experienced florist can assist you in choosing flower types, colors arrangement size and containers.

4.   Don’t forget the message

Any florist can provide an enclosure card with a birthday theme, but remember that you can add a greeting card or other personalized message to your arrangement. Some florist have a stock of greeting cards in – house if you want to order over the phone, but you can also provide your own, hand – chosen card to be packaged with the bouquet for delivery on that special day.

send flowers to birthday

Beautiful flowers and message card on Birthday

Hanoi Flower Shop offer beautiful flowers arrangements for same day delivery, free shipping all orders. Celebrate today’s special occasion with a birthday flower delivery.