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How to order flowers to Hanoi

When you are ordering flowers from an online florist, what detail are they going to need?


ordering flowers to Hanoi

How to order flowers to Hanoi, Vietnam

Flowers have become an important part of life experiences and social setting and so you probably know more about flowers than you think. However, if you want to fine time your knowledge of flowers, it is best to seek a professional florist. They are the real expert when it comes to suggesting styles and varieties that are best for you and the occasion.

1.       Find an online flower service

You can choose a picture of the flowers that you like on our website, if you have seen beautiful flowers in a magazine, tell us about it and we will arrange for you.

beautiful white rose bouquet

Bouquet of white roses delivery to Hanoi

2.       Get all recipient’s information before ordering flowers

Be sure to know the recipients full name, address and hand phone. It’s also helpful to have the company name, work number, work hours if you are delivering to their work address. And if you would like to compose a lovely romantic message we can easily arrange for this to be printed on a card to accompany your flower delivery

3.       Payment for your order

The ordering will also be much quicker if you have your payment information ready. You can make a payment online through Paypal. Making a payment online is quick, easy and saving your time because  you don’t have to go to our flower shop.

hanoi flower delivery

Red rose bouquet delivery to Hanoi

Hanoi Flower Shop is one of the best known flower delivery companies in Hanoi, Vietnam. Order flowers online and we offer same-day flower delivery and free shipping all orders to Vietnam.

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